Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Good Wednesday Evening All.  Hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday.  I have.  Seems like I have been on the go again today, but that's okay tho.  At least I'm staying busy.

I woke up to a nice 48 degrees here this morning.  It felt so good outside.  It only got up to like 75 or 76 today, so, all in all, it was a nice fallish day.  I'm ready for it. 

They have started picking cotton some around here.  Even the smell of that makes it seem like Fall.  The corn has done been harvested.  I guess after the cotton, they will cut the beans. 

Once again, the girls had cheer practice after school.  They have it again tomorrow after school as well.  I guess since they will be cheering at the Maroon and Gray Game at school Friday, they wan't them to be all ready.  There will also be a Maroon and Gray game for the public on October 2.  They will have to cheer at that one also.  Then, probably a couple of weeks later, Basketball will be kicking in full force.  That is when things will really get busy around here.  Going here, going there to all the games to watch my girls cheer on their Rebels.  Yes, we are called Riverside Rebels. 

Tonight for supper I fixed homemade Chili with beans.  It had a little kick to it as the packages of seasoning was a bit more spicier than what I normally buy.  Hey, these packages were only $.69 cents a package, so I got them.  The ones I usually buy were like $1.59.  But I guess next time, I will go ahead and get what I normally buy.  Oh well, it was still good tho.  Even had some corn chips, hot dogs, and shredded cheese to add to the Chili.  Yum, Yum!!!!  Even made enough for hubby to take to work tomorrow night and me and the girls to have some for our supper as well.  It will taste even better tomorrow night with it sitting in the fridge over night. 

Me and the girls went to Church tonight.  Since moving over here to Lake City, we have been going to Bowman Baptist Church.  It's just about 5 or so minutes from where we live.  It's a small Church, but the people are very friendly and has made us feel like a part of them.  The adults started studying the book of Ecclesiastes on Wednesday night, which is being taught by the Pastor.  I am really enjoying it. 

As you may have noticed, I figured out how to post a picture on here.  The picture is of the girls on the first day of school on August 19,2012.  Now that I hopefully have that figured out, I will see what I can figure out next.  LOL. 

Guess I will go for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and may GOD Bless each and everyone of you.

Love & Hugs,

Karen H.

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Hi again sweet Karen...

Yes, I'm still here, blogging from Hootin' Anni's. I read your comment, and not sure what you mean by "I guess you're not here or you have another blog page..." I left you a comment a few days ago...did you not see it?

I LOVED the photos below, of your girls. My oh my....they've grown into some beautiful women!!! You should be so proud. comment on your blog for the day....that homemade Chili and beans sounds so delicious!!!!