Thursday, February 21, 2008


Good Thursday Mornin' Yall,
I do hope that everyone had a blessed Wednesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 27 degrees with a windchill of 15 degrees. The winds are out of the Northeast at 14mph. Yesterday was a partly cloudy day and it made it up to 48 degrees before noon. By the time the girls got in from School yesterday afternoon, the winds had done picked up and it was very windy and had done turned colder. It had done dropped down to 44 degrees by then but with the wind blowing like it was, it would just go right thru you. They had put us under a Freezing Rain Advisory starting at midnight last night going thru noon today. It is still dark outside, so I can't tell if anything fell around here last night. The way they have been talking on the news and weather this morning, I think everything has gone mostly North of us.

Today is "THANKFUL THURSDAY". If you would like to participate in "THANKFUL THURSDAY", please go visit Iris@ and sign the Mr. Linky and leave Iris a comment and then post your "THANKFUL THURSDAY" on your blog. Today's "THANKFUL THURSDAY" is about PRAYER. Well, let me be the first to say that I am "THANKFUL" for the prayers that were answered yesterday in regards to Michelle's surgery and for little Josie getting to come home and is doing better. I am "THANKFUL" we have a GOD that we can go to in time of need and PRAY to HIM about our Prayer request's. I am also so "THANKFUL" for so many PRAYING Friends that we have here in this blog world. I am very "THANKFUL" we still live in a FREE Country where we can PRAY. I am also very "THANKFUL" for our Lord Jesus Christ who died on that cross to save us from our sins and that when we do mess up we can go to HIM in Prayer and ask for HIS forgiveness. I always have things to be "THANKFUL" for each and everyday, but these are some of the one's that I'm especially "THANKFUL" for on this "THANKFUL THURSDAY". What do you have to be "THANKFUL" for? If you would like to leave a comment and let me know what your "THANKFUL" for, please feel free to do so.

Today is also Slow Cooking Thursday. It is hosted by Sandra@ If you would like to participate in Slow Cooking Thursday, please go visit Sandra and sign her Mr. Linky and let her know you have posted your Slow Cooking Thursday Recipe on your blog. Now remember, it has to be something that is cooked in a Slow Cooker. Let's see what I'm going to share today. Since I don't use my Slow Cooker alot, it's hard for me to think of something. But give me just a minute and I'm sure I will come up with something to cook in a Slow Cooker. I'm thinking here. LOL. Whew, I had to go back to my older post's and see what I had already posted for Slow Cooking Thursday. LOL. Now, that's getting bad. Okay, I think I have come up with something to cook in the Slow Cooker.

Karen's Beef Roast with Vegetables

1- good size Beef Roast

1- Red Onion sliced in halves
2- packages of Baby Carrots
12- Red Potatoes
Rinse the Beef Roast off with some water and let drain for a few minutes. Put it in the Slow Cooker. Add your slices of Red Onion. Be sure to spread them out all in the Slow Cooker. Put your 2 packages of Baby Carrots in the post now. Finally, cut up your Red Potatoes and cut them up in medium-size pieces and put them in the Slow Cooker. I usually add some Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, and Pepper. Now since I don't measure any of these things, I just put enough in there that looks good for me. Put the lid on and turn the heat on to Medium-High and let cook all night. Let it cook on this temperature all night and you can check it the next morning and if you have to, you can turn it down some. I usually just leave mine on Medium-High till it's time to eat it. Oh my, DUH me, LOL. I forgot to tell you to add the Slow Cooker with about 3/4 with Water before you turn it on. When it's ready to serve, it will be so tender and it just falls apart. You can serve this with a pan of Homemade Buttermilk Cornbread and some slices of Onion of your color choice and walla, you have a wonderful and healthy meal. You have your meat, vegetables, and bread all in one meal. This is the only way my Family will eat a Roast. I guess because it being so tender.

I would like to mention that the pictures above my post's and the dividers are courtesy of Lise's Garden.
She has some beautiful graphics and all sorts of pretty thing you can use. They are mostly Victorian and Old-fashioned. She even has some of her own designs and some she has collected over the years. So, if you are interested, please go visit Lise@

I am feeling some better this morning. "THANK YOU" all very much for the prayers and comments about me being sick. I do appreciate them very much. I went back to sleep for a while yesterday morning and woke up around 2:30p.m. and was feeling better. I guess I was just needing some more sleep since I didn't sleep any the other night. I guess it does catch up with you after a while. Anyway, after the girls got in from School, I had to run out to Jonesboro on some business. On our way home, I stopped in Lake City, AR, at Sonic and got us some supper. The girls ate theirs on the way home. I just ate my fries on the way home. I can't eat a Cheeseburger and drive at the same time. So, when we got home, I ate my Cheeseburger. The girls went to Church and after Church I had to take our youngest daughter out to another Church. The friend she had stayed all night with last Friday night, was having her Birthday Party at her Church's Family Life Center after their Church was over with.

I talked to my DH around 5:25a.m. and he was about 30 miles from Topeka, KS. He said it was snowing a little on him but not too bad. He said he was fixing to switch out in a little bit and go to bed. Please pray yall that they will be able to make it home today and they won't have too many problems with the roads up in Missouri.

I'm a little late in posting this morning because I was having trouble getting on the internet. I had to call the Cable Support Desk and they had to reset my Modem. Well, guess I'll go for now and go see who has coffee or maybe even something sweet to eat. LOL. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Nonna said...

Glad to hear your feeling better! I'm just loving your new blog look! I changed mine up too, I like to change it up for the different seasons/holidays lol. It's fun. You never know about me, tomorrow it might look completely different!
Have a blessed day!

Denise said...

So glad you are feeling better dear. That recipe sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing. I will be praying for your husbands safety. I love you my friend.

Anonymous said...

I was in total shock when I got up at six and got my coffee and went to your place and you hadn't posted. I wondered if something was wrong. Glad things are good. I finished my 2 cupss of coffee and now im on my diet DP and trying to get my pills down. They called and cancelled my morning shift so im kinda being lazy.
Have a great day.

Joyce said...

Good morning Karen, I am on late. I am going to have to get a slow cooker. Your recipe is making me want to try it. I love your new look. It is cold here and we are waiting for snow. Take care.

Love and Hugs,

Mary said...

Good morning, Karen,

I'm glad you're feeling better. I know you have trouble sleeping at times and so do I. I'm not sure what mine is caused from. I started these crazy sleep patterns about a year and a half ago. Sometimes I'm still awake when morning comes. I've tried everything to get back on track, but haven't succeeded yet. Maybe soon. I hope you can get your sleep patterns back on schedule as well.

You have some lovely graphics. I am going to visit Lise. I'm sure her site is beautiful.

I will continue to pray for DH and his uncle. Try not to worry. They are in God's hands.


Angela said...

Hi Karen,
This weather has really gotten a hold of lots of us in this area. I have my moments where I feel like I'm relapsing, but then I shake it off. They have had to close schools again around here due to the flu outbreak making its return I reckon *UGH*. I hope your husband has a safe journey home to you today:-).
Glad your feeling better too.
Have a wonderful day!!

Maggie R said...

Goodmorning Karen,
I hope everything is going well in your part of the world, and DH is safe on the road.
Your slow cooker recipe sounded very good. I rarely cook a roast unless we have company for dinner as there is just the 2 of us, but sometimes I do anyway and freeze portions for another time. We eat a lot of chicken to the point where I have to check to make sure I'm not sprouting feathers VBG .
Well I better get dressed and get going here. I have been living on immodium and gravol lately. Must be a bug of somekind, I wish it would get over with it. I hate being tethered to the throne!!!!
Take care and God Bless

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

My Goodness Karen, I feel like I have missed so much. First, I am glad that you are feeling better and your blog looks so pretty! Looks like you've made lots of fun changes too! Your roast sounds SO yummy! I may have to go to the store to get some fixins' :) I'll be praying for your DH.


Betty said...

Good morning, Karen,

I am thankful that you are feeling better today. Thank God for that.

Did you get any freezing rain this morning? It missed us, but hit pretty heavy around Bowling Green, Ky. It is above freezing here, so even if it rains it won't be freezing. That's a good thing.

I love your blog and all the pictures you post.

I posted earlier than usual today, so I hope you have time to visit me.

eph2810 said...

Indeed prayers a powerful tool to use to lift each other up. I am glad that Michelle's surgery went well :)

Your Slow cook recipe sounds yummy.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and your precious family.

PS: We had a huge thunderstorm roll through the Valley of the Sun last night with lots of rain :)

Mississippi Songbird said...

That roast sounds great! Thanks for sharing the recipe..Have a great day.. Bunches of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am thankful for loads of things everyday and now I am adding that great recipe too...thank you sweets!
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Anonymous said...

The roast loooks yummy. Thanks for sharing!


Crockpot Lady said...

your dinner sounds wonderful.
I'm glad that you're feeling better.
It's pouring down rain here today--so much for sunny california!

Tammy said...

Woke up this morning to 3º but we are up to 21º now and bad weather expected...arggg...I'm so tired of it!! Pass me a cup of your nice coffee please....

Well...I must go as I have many blogs to visit then a great book that I won to read...

Have a wonderful day and thank ya for your hospitatlity!

Linda said...

Hi Karen ..I have coffee come on over.

That is the sweetest little picture of the child praying...just perfect for your post today.

Dinner sounds delish, it would be perfect for me today we are having rain.

I'm prayingfor a safe journey home for your hubby. Take care and hugs to you, Linda

Carrie said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the blessings of prayer.

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Wonderful slow cooker recipe! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

So glad you read you are feeling better. Sleep is so necessary and important that it can make us ill if we get too little...or too much! :)

I love the graphics from Lise's Garden I've bookmarked her site.


Sarah x

dabrah said...

Oh dear, I did a stir fry, which is the complete opposite of slow cooking. It was nice though, but maybe I should make a note to slow cook next Thursday. It's the day I take my mother food shopping, so it's probably a good plan. I can pick up everything I need at the supermarket in the morning, and have it cooking all afternoon. I do like your new look. Love the dividers and the green colour scheme. I hope you're feeling a little better.

Love Bears All Things said...

I have had trouble commenting on this post for some reason.
I wanted to let you know that I have prayed for the men's safe trip home.
I am so tired today. It will take me a day or two to catch up on my rest. I had my class. Now I'm just hoping to make it until 8:00 before I go to bed. I got up early this morning. Sometimes I nap but not when Hubby is out of town because then I have trouble going to sleep at bedtime.
We've not had any ice. It didn't start raining until 3:00 and that is all we were supposed to get. I think it has stopped already.
Blessings on you and your family.
Mama Bear

Nonna said...

Just dropping by again today to tell you that I pray your DH and his uncle make it home safely. See ya tomorrow morning for coffee!!

Mimi said...

so glad that you are feeling better.. and to hear that your DH will make it home today...
I pray that you continue to feel better... and that your weather doesn't get too bad....
sure would like another cup of coffee is that a fresh pot I smell?

Jackie said...

Good evening Karen. Sorry you had trouble getting on the internet this morning. That happens to me once in a while too.

Sure glad that you are feeling better too.

Hey I pulled out the slow cooker and made beef stew for supper tonight. It sure tasted good.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm late getting around to visit till tonight because I've felt so droopy today. I think we caught something from Lib, ya think? I'll be glad when she gets back online.

They have closed one of the schools in this area because of the flu and are talking about closing more. There are so many new strains of the flu that the flu shot doesn't touch. It's getting scary. Maybe things will look up when spring gets here.

Your recipe sounds great! I love roast with veggies, especially those potatoes cooked in that juice!! YUM YUM! I've been trying to watch what I'm eating cause I seem to have a lot of acid in my system. When I feel better I think I'm going to try this recipe of yours. Thanks for sharing it!

Love your Thankful list too!

Love and Hugs,

Sandra said...


Glad you're feeling better :) Love your new blog look, I really like the green background :)

That recipe looks SO good, thank you for sharing.

Hope your husband makes it home soon, I know you miss him.


Rachel said...

That roast sounds yummy in the crock pot and super easy!! I have one in the freezer so I might try that one very soon!

Glad you are feeling better. I do hope your hubby makes it home okay and the weather isn't too bad out there.

Take care my friend!

Michelle said...

Hi Karen,
Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm sure it's more difficult when your husband is on the road and getting sick. So, Topeka, KS, that's where I from! Did he just drive by or stop there for awhile?

Your roast recipe sounds good~I've never used red onion but I love that so I'm definitely going to try this. I'm going to post a quick and easy recipe in the next day or so on my blog. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful evening,

Eleisia said...

This roast beef slow cooker recipe sounds delicious, meat with lots of veggies!

Eleisia at

Mary Isabella said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I have prayed for you.
Mary's Thankful List
I am thankful for Karen!!!
I am thankful for her gentle and her kindness.
I am thankful for the ray of sunshine she brings to me each time she comes by for a visit.
I am thankful I can call her my Friend!!!!!!

Cottage Contessa said...

Thanks for sharing that yummy recipe sweetie. I don't own, nor have I ever cooked in a crockpot, but I do think I would love one! Might put that on my Mother's Day request list! Have a wonderful day Karen!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Hootin' Anni said...

Good Friday Morning to you dear Karen! I didn't find much time to go visitin' my blogger friends yesterday...busy, busy, busy. And I now hear the rustling and morning 'coughing' as they're stirring getting ready to get up for the day. So, I best make this short and sweet.

It's good to hear you're feeling better. I imagine your hubby is home for the weekend maybe? Hope the traveling was not too slippery on the icy roads around our land this week.

Have a super day. Gotta go.
Luvya bunches.

Cheryl said...

Great Thankful post. Prayer is such a good thing to be thankful for! This is still a bad time of the year for lots of our drivers on the road, in certain areas. I'm still in the trucking business also (secretary). Have a good day! God Bless~