Thursday, February 14, 2008


"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" to each and everyone of you. I do hope that everyone had a Blessed Wednesday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 25 degrees with a windchill of 19 degrees. The winds are out of the East Southeast at 5 mph. It was a Sunshinny day here yesterday, but it only made it up to 33 degrees late yesterday afternoon. At one time yesterday morning after I got back from taking the girls to School, it was down to 18 degrees. They are talking like we might have some Wintry mix of somekind for this weekend. Yeah right, LOL. We will have to wait and see. Our local weather guy is saying one thing and The Weather Channel is saying another thing. I guess we will see who comes out on top.

I would like to share with yall another beautiful card that my friend Mary@ has given all of her reader's another one of her beautiful cards.

"THANK YOU" so much Mary. It is such a beautiful card. I will treasure it always as along with the other cards you have given your readers. I just love visiting Mary. She lives in Canada and she gets all my Snow. Pea does too. I don't know what I'm going to do about those 2. LOL. They keep getting all of my Snow. They know I am joking with them because they both know how bad I would like to have some Snow here in the South. Be sure to go visit Mary when you have time and read some of her writings. February is also Black History Month. She has been sharing with us some African Canadian History with us so far. I have enjoyed reading about her culture and things from Canada. "THANK YOU" again Mary for the beautiful card.

Also, my dear friend Denise@ has given her reader's this beautiful Friendship Banner. Here is what Denise had to say about the Banner.

Friendship Week.......... Anyone of my ladies coming by today .......... This is for you........ Thank you for the many friendships that I have made via the www............................. Take this graphic if you wish and share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I would like for all of my readers to take this banner home with them in honor of Friendship week and pass it along as well. "THANK YOU" so much Denise for this lovely Banner. You are such a dear friend, and I really appreciate your Friendship to me. If you have never been to visit Denise, please go and pay her a visit when you have time. She is always so uplifting and when you leave, you feel as if you have been revived. And, since today is Valentine's Day, I would like to give all of my reader' a little something that me and our youngest daughter made online one night about a week ago. It's nothing fancy and she had a good time helping me with it. I can't even remember the website where we saw this, but I came across it and I was working on it, and my youngest daughter wanted to help me. So, please, take this as my gift to you on this Valentine's Day. Our girls will be having their Valentine's Party at School later today. I'm not sure what time it will be, but more than likely it will be about an hour before School is out. They took their Valentine's to School this morning and will pass them out to all of their friends. Lord help me tonight tho. LOL. They are going to be on a sugar-high for sure. If you hear someone knocking on your door tonight, it might be me. LOL. Just kidding. Also, my dear friend, Anni@ has given her readers some beautiful Valentine's Cards. "THANK YOU" so much Anni. I do appreciate it very much.
If you have never been to visit Anni, please take the time to go visit her. Trust me, if you are feeling down and out, you will leave her place all better. She can put a smile on your face no matter how you are feeling. She is such a hoot, so I guess that's why she is called Hootin'Anni. Again, "THANK YOU" so much Anni for the cards.
The School called me yesterday morning around 9:45a.m. and said our oldest daughter was running a little fever. They said it was 100.5. I went and got her and brought her home and checked it again and it was 99.9. I gave her some Ibuprofren and she layed around all afternoon. I fixed her some of my Chamomile Hot Tea, but she didn't drink very much of it. I guess it's not her cup of tea. LOL. She did drink quite a bit of water with some crushed ice in it. She also ate some peanut butter crackers, some saltine crackers, and a biscuit later on. She was wanting to go to Church, so I let her. Her fever was 99.2, so since they were having a Valentine's Party at Church, I decided to let her go. She was really wanting to go, so I couldn't say NO to her since her fever wasn't real high. She is still sleeping and hopefully she will be able to go to School today. She said her throat doesn't hurt, but her nose is stopped up and she has coughed some. I've also been giving her some prescribed cough medicine that she had left from being sick before.

Today is "THANKFUL THURSDAY". It is hosted by Iris@ Today's topic is about LOVE. I am "THANKFUL" that I have a Savior who died on the cross to save me from my terrible sins. Also, for his undying LOVE HE has for me and HIS forgiveness when I fail him. I am also "THANKFUL" for the wonderful LOVE of my DH and kids. I can be a pain in the butt at times, but I know they still LOVE me. I do LOVE them as well. My DH is my best friend and my one True LOVE. He is just the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am also "THANKFUL" that he has a job and is willing to be away from home, not that he likes it, to provide for us. I am also "THANKFUL" for each and everyone of you that I have come to know since I have been blogging. You all are such great friends and I cherish the Friendship I have with each of you. If you would like to participate in the "THANKFUL THURSDAY", please go visit Iris and sign the Mr. Linky and then post your "THANKFUL THURSDAY". "THANK YOU" Iris for hosting "THANKFUL THURSDAY" and for the topic of being LOVE for today. It is very fitting since this is Valentine's Day.

Today is also Slow Cooking Thursday. It is hosted by my friend Sandra@ If you would like to participate in the Slow Cooking Thursday, please go visit Sandra and let her know, and then post a recipe that has to be cooked in a Slow Cooker. Today, I am going to share with you my Slow Cooking Recipe of White Beans.
Karen's Slow-Cooked White Beans
2-lb. bag of Great Northern Beans (any brand will do)

1/2 chopped red onion
1 pre-packaged of diced ham (if you have real ham slices, this will do also)
Wash your beans thoroughly and pick out the bad ones. Put in Slow Cooker and let soak for a couple of hours. This can be done the night before. Rinse your beans again and put back in your Slow Cooker. Add your 1/2 chopped red onion, and your pre-packaged diced ham all into the Slow Cooker. Add Salt and Pepper to taste. Put on High and let cook all day. By dinner time, you have some good ole Southern White Beans. You can also have you a pan of Buttermilk Cornbread to go with this and some slices of red onion as well. You talk about wanting to slap yo' mammy. ROFLMBO. This will do it. Just a little humor there. My DH doesn't really like his White Beans cooked in the Slow Cooker, so most of the time when I do cook them, I just cook them on top of the stove. But, if I don't feel like standing over the stove all day, I will cook them in the Slow Cooker. So, if you want to participate, please go visit Sandra and let her know. She is always sharing some wonderful recipes with us and she has a Food Blog as well. Go check her out because you might find something you want to cook. Her husband is in the Military as well and they are stationed in Arizona and she shares some beautiful pictures with us of the Sky there in Arizona. I don't think I have ever seen such a bluer Sky than the one's she shares.
Well, guess I'll go for now. I do hope that everyone will have a nice and romantic Valentine's Day with the one you LOVE. I will be alone on this Valentine's Day, as my DH is on the road. Hopefully he will be home sometime Friday morning and we can celebrate our Valentine's Day then. Hey, it's better late than never huh? Take care my friends and have a LOVELY day. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



Denise said...

Happy Valentines Day my sweet friend, hope you enjoy your day. Praying for your daughter to feel better. The white beans sound really yummy. I love you.

Leeann said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Karen! Thank you for your sweet note to me. My back is some better, thank you. It is just a twinge of pain now but I'm still taking it easy. I hope your daughter is all better this morning. There is nothing worse than having a sick child. By the way, we should be closing on our little farm in a few weeks, praise God! We are so excited and although there is a lot of work to be done, it will be so much fun making it our own. I get so much inspiration from the different blogs I visit to see how everyone decorates and paints. I'm not terribly talented but I will enjoy putting my touch on my own house.

Thank you for your prayers and your friendship. Have a wonderful day!


Nonna said...

Happy Valentine's Day Karen!! Thank you for the beautiful Valentine wreath! I think its the prettiest Valentine I have seen so far! Thanks also for the friendship banner! I'll pass it on to all my friends too!
I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Susan said...

Happy Valentine's Day Karen!

Wow, what a beautiful fun post.

I loved the cards and will go visit the link you sent.

Oh, I hope your daughter is feeling better, this bug is running all over the US for sure.

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh your so sweet Karen thanks for this i will really post that into my blog if you will visit you will see it. Take care and thanks for sharing your TT. Happy Valentines Day.

Crockpot Lady said...

that sounds like a great way to cook beans. thank you!

Joyce said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for the Valentines card. I loved your Thankful Thursday thoughts. I will post thoughts later today. I never thought I would like to be a substitute teacher. Have a great day.

Love and Hugs,

Renie Burghardt said...

Just popped over to wish you a wonderful and Happy St. Valentine's Day, dear Karen.

Love and Blessings,


Renee's Reading Corner said...

sounds great. Thanks for sharing.


Sharon said...

Happy Valentine's Day! It sounds like you have much to be thankful for! God is so good!

Hugs, Sharon

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Karen, Happy Valentines Day to you Dear Friend! Thanks so much for the beautiful Valentine wreath, and also the friendship award. I do pray your child is feeling much better.

That recipe sounds yummy, I will have to try it.


Mommy Cracked said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Karen! Sounds like a cold day there. We've heard we may get some wintry mix, too, but I'm like you...I will believe it when I see it. Hope your daughter is feeling better today.

Hope said...

Hi Karen,
Happy Valentine's Day to you and the family. I sure hope DD is feeling better.

Those beans and cornbread sound so good!! What time is supper??

Have a SWEET day today! Thank you for the Valentine!

Love and Hugs,

Sandra said...


Those beans look SO good, yummy, thank you for sharing :)

You know I'm STILL laughing over my type yesterday, I'm embarrassed but it's really funny LOL

I'm glad your daughter is doing good, I hate it when one of my kids has a fever, it just scares me.

Thank you for mentioning my blog and my sky pictures, I'm so glad that so many of you enjoy them....I actually have a beautiful sunset this morning and will share that photo today.

Hope you're staying warm,
Hugs and love,

Sally said...

You're such a character, Karen. That's why I love visiting you; always finding a bright spot! Sure hope your little one is feeling better today. Yep, they'll be on a sugar high tonight. HaHaHa

The cards are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Mary said...


You received some beautiful Valentine's gift and I have one for you over on my Writing Nook. I posted last night and forgot to post the awards.

I do hope your oldest girl isn't coming down with something. There is nasty flu going around up here. Pea had it and was down for a few days.

Take care, my friend. Happy Valentine's Day to you.


Lisa said...

Thank you for your sweet post and uplifting spirit. I am always encouraged when I come to visit your Korner. I wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day. The recipe for white beans sounds very tasty. Thanks for sharing it. Have a Blessed day! Lisa

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for your sweet comment of concern for me! You are such a doll :)

I am so sorry your little sweetie isnt feeling well :( I hope she is much better today!!! I am so sick of winter and sickness!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love ya,

NAME: CIELO said...

...And a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you too my friend!

"Perfect love is rare indeed -
for to be a lover will require
that you continually have
the subtlety of the very wise,
the flexibility of the child,
the sensitivity of the artist,
the understanding of the philosopher,
the acceptance of the saint,
the tolerance of the scholar and
the fortitude of the certain."
~Leo Buscaglia~

Have a lovely day


Chrissie said...

Hi, Karen! Thank you so much for the lovely Valentine! I'll go put it up on my blog, now that I know how!:)I'm so sorry you're daughter isn't well - God bless her! Hope she's better soon!
I'm very Thankful for you, Dear Friend, for stopping by today :) The picture that my hubby and I are in is at a lovely vista point at the Kings Canyon in California on one of our trips last summer - it was beautiful!
God bless you and yours today!

Angela said...

Happy Valenitne's day to you sweet friend:-). Hope your daughter is feeling better.
Have a wonderful day!!

Tracie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

What a lovely post.

Happy day!

Linda said...

Dear Karen, Happy Valentine's Day to you. I love all the pretty cards and your White Bean recipe sounds so good...thank you for sharing the recipe, yum:).
Hope your oldest is feeling better, I hope everyone else is well.
Take care my friend...hugs to you, Linda

Heather's Brain said...

Hey Karen...just wanted to say HI! I wanted to share that those blue skies you love so much are what I took for granted before I moved here. I was born and raised in Arizona and sure hated the heat and the cactus, but right all this WON'T IT EVER MELT snow, I am missing it all!!!!!

Hugs and have a BLESSED DAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thaks for the crock pot recipe, it looks good!


dabrah said...

Hi Karen
Happy Valentines Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Thanks for the card and banner. I shall take them with me when I go back to my blog. I hope you're daughter is feeling a bit better. Have a great evening. Your recipe sounds great. I love to use my slow cooker. said...

Hi Karen, I am typing on the key board and that is so much easier then typing one letter at a time with a wii stick!! Thank you for all the nice awards you have for me! I love the valentines too!! I can't put any of this on my side bar until I get out to Karen's house and use her computer. There is no way to store the pictures on the wii deal! I will be going out to Karen's maybe Sat or Sun and I can get this on my side bar!! I am so happy to be able to blog and now to type and leave comments!! Thanks for coming by any way and seeing me while the computer is down. We will be getting it fixed one of these times I know!! Love and Hugs Grams

Michelle said...

Karen, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a wonderful day with your hubby when he gets back..We are going out to dinner tonight..yippee-no cooking!

Hugs honey!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing on the lovely Valentine's Card and the lovely friendship gift.

I love your thankful Thursday thoughts. Where would we be without our dear Saviour?

Hugs and blessings.
Sarah x

Tammy said...

Happy Valentine's day to you and yours!

Eleisia said...

The beans and hame recipe sounds great for a cold winter's day! Thanks!

Eleisia at

Eleisia said...

oops! "ham"

Dawn said...

There are lots of germs floating around our part of the world - and some snow flakes, too. Care Bear didn't feel good Tuesday morning, but she had to go to school at noon so she wouldn't miss her party - they had their parties early because they're out of school today for conferences. Bad timing!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Valentine Capital of the World!

Cottage Contessa said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too Karen! I hope you have a really lovely day sweetie, and that your daughter is 100% better now too!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Mary Isabella said...

Happy Valentine's day my sweet friend. It was a bit dicey here today as my husband got hurt at work today. We thought he was going to have to have surgery,but it turned out he did not . He has a lump the size of a salad plate on his leg. So we will be staying in tonight. I have made us a dish of lasagna for our dinner. It is baking now and smells wonderful. I thank our Lord he did not have to have surgery. Please pray for us both. Happy Valentine's Day my dear...Smiles...Mary

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I love your post for today and want to thank you for passing the friendship banner on to me and all your readers. I appreciate it.

And I absolute love the "Be Mine" valentine you and your daughter made together. You are smart to be able to do that. Maybe one of these days I'll learn how to do things like that. Thank you for giving that to me and your other readers.

Your valentine cards given to you by Hootin'Anni' are so pretty. That was sweet of her.

Congratulations on all your goodies given to you today. You are so deserving.

I hope your daughter is feeling better today after running a temperature yesterday and last night.

Your slow-cooked beans sound delicious.

Happy Valentine's Day, Karen.


Mary Isabella said...

I am praying for your daughter. I must confess I do not know how to take the banner and put it on my blg. I need to learn how. Thank you so much for them..Mary

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Karen....first of all...Happy Valentine's Day. I'm late almost missing the whole day in blogland. Been busy making a new wreath for decoration. And thank you so much for the cutest ever Valentine Wreath...that is precious. I love I love teddy bears.

Hope your daughter is feeling better. Like you said, it wasn't much of a fever, and if she kept her food down, that's a good sign nothing is serious. Right?

And you know just how I love ham and beans!!!! I'm once again drooling girlfriend!!! I can smell them cooking from here....AND I want some.

Oh and the beautiful deep blue sky in Arizona...wait a few months, that BLUE sky turns WHITE with the heat of the day getting up to 120 in the shade!!! Seriously.

Have a terrific evening. HUGS

Jackie said...

Happy Valentines day Karen. I hope that you have a wonderful evening.

Mimi said...

Happy Valentine's Day Karen..
Hope your young lady is not coming down with the flu...take care of them

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hello my sweet friend,

Just dropping in to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day. I'll say a prayer for your lil' one.

Take care,

Angela (Gran) said...

Hi Karen,

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my sweet and dear friend. Thank you for the beautiful valentine's wreath...I love it and for the friendship week banner it is great to have our friends.

Also, thank you for your precious comments to me today. I wish for you and DH a wonderful celebration this weekend!

I pray that your daughter is better real soon.

Rest well my sweet and dear, Karen.
Love and (((HUGS)))

Denise said...

Thanks for the beautiful cards that you sent in the email and I pray that your daughter is better.. It is so hard on you to be home taking care of those girls with your DH on the road....... You are a great Mom..... Hope your Valentine's day for sweet... We are so tired from yesterday and headed to get the first shot tomorrow...... so we did nothing tonight...... but sometimes nothing is better........

Love ya girl and I pray for you and your family daily......

PEA said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones, dear Karen:-) I hope you've had a lovely day so far!! I was in the basement the last couple of hours sorting through some boxes and putting some order to others. How romantic, eh? lol

Thank you so much for the beautiful Valentine, you and your daughter did a fabulous job with it!! I will wear it on my sidebar proudly:-) Such a beautiful Friendship banner as well...I'm so loving this circle of friendship that we have!!

Oh dear, I do hope your daughter feels much better by now. There are so many viruses going around right now, you never know when it can get a hold of you. I'm feeling a lot better today, thank goodness:-)

Your slow cooked white beans sound so delicious...and there you go mentioning your cornbread again!!!! One of them days you'll hear a knock on the door and it will be me begging you for cornbread! hehe

You won't like this but....we're getting MORE snow AGAIN today! lol Mary and I will try to blow some your way! hehe

Take care my friend. Love you! xoxo

Nan said...

Happy Valentine's day!
We celebrated a day early. I did steaks with portobello mushrooms, fresh green beans, and heart shaped potatoes.
We had blackberry pie for dessert. My husband's favorite.

Judy said...

Couldn't end my day Ms. Karen without stopping by and saying Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for the sweet awards you sent my way. I hope today has been filled with love for you and your family.
BTW let me know how your fried cabbage turns out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gifts. so sweet. We had a great day. When hubby got home we delivered our gifts to the kids and grandkids and found out our little Kaytlynn had 103 fever. I guess sickness is just in the air. It could be this crazy Southern weather.

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by - I know it was not the typical post for today. As I said, I was not specifically asking for donations, but gladly accept those who can give. But your prayers are so valuable. Thank you for caring and praying!

If you want ao great story of God's grace, go to my sidebar and read Kev's story "A Story of Deliverance."

Diane J. said...

My, you crammed a lot into one post, LOL! ;o)

Happy Valentine's Day, Karen! Hope it's been a good one for you. ;o)

Love and hugs,


eph2810 said...

Isn't His love amazing. Even when we fall short of His glory - He still loves us and puts us gently (sometimes not so gently) back on the road of life He has prepared for us.

Yeah - kids can be a pain in the booty sometimes, but love covers all :)

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this past week.

Blessings to you and yours.