Monday, January 28, 2008


Good Monday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a Blessed Sunday and ready to start a new day. It is currently 28 degrees with a windchill of 23 degrees here this morning. The winds are out of the South Southeast at 5 mph. We are under another Freezing Fog Advisory until 9:00a.m. It never made it up into the 50's here yesterday. The high only made it up to 39 degrees and the Sun finally came out late yesterday afternoon. They say it's suppose to get up into the 50's today and rain moving in for tonight.

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I have a prayer request. So many of yall have been praying for my DH and his Uncle while traveling out on the roads. I so appreciate them so very much. My DH called me this morning around 5:15a.m. and said he was in Wyoming around the 34 Mile Marker. He said that I-80 is shut down. He said that the roads are covered with Ice and Snow and it was still Snowing blizzard conditions. He just called me back around 5:35a.m. to let me know that he made it to Fort Bridger, WY, or what some call Little America. He is at a Truck Stop there. I ask that yall continue to pray for DH and his Uncle. This means they won't be able to deliver their load ontime this morning. They won't get in trouble over this because this is something that can't be helped. So, it's looking like they won't be able to make it home during the week on late Tuesday night like they have been a being able to. It's probably going to put them behind on everything this week. I worry so much about him being out there. I do know he is a very good driver and that he will do what is necessary, but still, that doesn't keep me from worrying about him. Sometimes, you have to be on the lookout for the other driver. "THANK YOU" all for continued prayers for my DH and his Uncle.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me around here. It's that time of the month for me, and I felt really horrible yesterday. I didn't do the laundry that I had planned on doing. I just layed around all day and slept off and on. I have to take my PMS pills every 4 to 5 hours to keep my stomach from hurting so bad and they tend to make me sleepy as well. I didn't do any cooking either. I did lay out a package of Bologna and a package of Hot Dogs from the freezer and the kids and I just had sandwiches. My DH will be eligible for insurance in 90 days from his start date, and as soon as it kicks in, I am going to check into having one of those hysterectomies. We will have to see because DH won't have any vacation time in until next year. I know I will need some help around here if I do have the surgery, so I may have to wait until next year to have it. I know something needs to be done because I just hate that time of the month. I am so miserable the first 3 or 4 days.

This coming Wednesday, our girls are having their pictures made for Pee-Wee Basketball and Cheerleading. They do this every year but it's usually done sometime in April. I guess they have decided to do it earlier this year. I have so many pictures to be framed and put up of the girls. We have School pictures, Softball pictures, and School Sports pictures each year done. I love it when they have their pictures made. Another thing that needs to be done is a Family Portrait of us all. The last and only time we had a Family Portrait done was back in 1999. We had gone to Wal-Mart and had it done. The girls were alot younger then. I had my long hair back then as well. Maybe one of these days we can have another Family Portrait made. As soon as my DH gets my printer hooked up to my computer, I can scan some of those old pictures and share them with yall. I hate having my picture made myself. I always make a joke about me breaking the camera. LOL

Well, guess I'll go for now. I think I will go visiting for a bit. Take care my friends and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.



Nonna said...

I will keep your DH and his uncle in my prayers! I hope they have a safe trip. I'm sorry you arent feeling well. I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and its the best thing I have ever done! I feel so much better and you will too!
Hope Monday finds you feeling better!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hello dear Karen!! Ya, I know the area where your sweet hubby is 'holed up'. I grew up in Colorado and spent a LOT of time in Wyoming too. So, I know the roads and I know just how treacherous they can be! I've been to Little American MANY times!!!! At least he'll have some great food while he's waiting out the storm!!!! *smiles* I know that doesn't make for less worry on your part at all tho. I'd be worried sick and on the phone if he were my hubby.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I would love to see some of your family photos too! Some day soon, maybe your scanner will be working and you can share.

Have a good day dear lady, and stay warm!!

Brandy said...

Good morning sunshine (lol, cause your the weather girl).
I have a few things to tell you this morning! First, I have never ever heard of freezing fog, that sounds so strange to me. Second, I prayed for your DH. I stopped what I was doing and prayed, God will take care of them. Third, I was having the same problem with my periods. I went to the doctor and told him about it. There is something called an Endometrial Ablation. It is amazing, trust me I had it done and it has been the best decision I have ever made. I do not have to take hormomes. I have noticed occasional hot flashes, but tolirable and I have not had a period since October 2005, no symptoms at all. I found a site that tells about it and I am going to go ahead and give it to you, plus the down time is only two weeks, but you can do things around the house, just not heavy lifting. And not much pain either!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweet Karen!

I am so sorry you arent feeling well :( I too HATE that time of the month! It seem like since I had my fifth son, my cramps have gotten worse an the bleeding less! It is miserable and uncomfortable!

I am also so sorry that you have to worry so about your hubby. My husband goes away one weekend a month for work and always comes home around 5am. I am just a nervous wreck during those times. ANd you are so right about worrying about the other guy!

We need to get another family picture done too. We dont even have one with our last two sons in it! We NEED to take the time to do that this summer. We have quite a few that we have done ourself, but none professional. Cant wait to see your pictures :)

Love ya,

Lib said...

Hi Miz.Karen,
Lets sip a cup a....
Its sunny here:o)
I always pray for you and your Family. Keep your faith Dh &U will be fine. I know you Love them and somehow Love and worry tends to go hand in hand huh?
Hope you feel better.XOXOXO
Have a great day.

Susie said...

Good morning Karen,
So sorry to hear your hubby got caught in that storm. I 80 is shut down going from CA to NV in both directions. We've had just terrible weather here. I'll keep him (and you) in my prayers.

Hope said...

Hello Karen,
I'm sorry you're still not feeling well. There is an up side to getting're already over all that monthly stuff. I like that part!! :)

Still praying for your hubby and uncle. I'm glad to hear they are at the truck stop and not out in that mess. We were just watching the weather channel and there's snow all over that area. I know you can't help but worry..I would too cause I'm just a worry wart!! :) If we could just learn to put things in God's hands AND leave them there we'd be so much better off.

I'm like Brandy...never heard of freezing fog. I guess it just falls on everything and turns to ice?

Have a good Monday and feel better soon.

Love and Hugs,

Mary said...


I am so glad I no longer have that time of the month. I had cervical cancer in 1994 and had a hysterectomy. The GYN thought it might affect me psychologically and it did. I jumped up and down hollering hooray!! LOL I'm so glad that part of my life is over.

I always pray for DH, but will send a special prayer speeding to heaven. I'm sure that he and his uncle will be very cautious and that they will be fine. At least he will be safe and warm at the truck stop and as Anni said, he will enjoy some delicious food.

Take care, my friend. Put DH in God's hands and try not to worry.

Blessings for a great week. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cottage Contessa said...

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well Karen. Just know that I will be keeping your dh, his uncle, and you in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. I hope you are feeling better very soon!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Anonymous said...

Karen can't wait to see your pics.

I am saying a pic right now for your hubby and his uncle that they stay safe and sound on there journey. I know were they are right now as we made a stop there when we were out west. Please keep us posted on them.

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I know how terrible that time of the month can be. Ever since I had my little girl it is terrible for me. I hope the doc decides soon on me having a hyster. I would be a happy camper for that one. You take care and I hope you feel better real soon. Try to relax a bit my friend.

Julie said...

I said a prayer for your husband and his Uncle, Karen. Don't waste your time worrying about them. Enjoy your time with your kids - as as for the family photo - maybe one of your local friends could come and take a picture of you guys with your new camera. We did that one year and it was a better photo than some of the professional ones and a heck of a lot cheaper!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor sweet Karen please get lots of rest and get well soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hey, Karen
The picture of the parrot and the sign, Blue Monday reminds me of how I feel lots of Monday mornings.
The sun was gone by the time I got all ready to go out for my walk. But I went anyway. I walked to the neighborhood market and back which is about a mile away.
I didn't know your DH went that far away. I guess he goes where they send him. Its good he has his uncle with him. My Dad drove with a partner at one time.
My baby went to Houston this morning. He has just called to tell me he is there. He had two flights. He said he had to change airlines in Atlanta because he missed his connection there.
I hope you're feeling better, now.
Mama Bear

Jackie said...

Add my prayers to everyone else's that your DH and uncle manage stay safe.

We are in the midst of a snow storm here. They won't call it a blizzard because the snow and winds won't be of 4 hour duration. I can't see down the hill and just barely across the street.

Joyce said...

Hay Karen,
Your Hubby and Uncle are in my prayers. You are also. I am done with that and I praise God for it. We have freezing fog around here and it is so beautiful, but not safe to drive in. I am with you when it is time for pictures. Hubby and I had one taken this fall and forgot about it so the girls will get a gift for Easter.

When you are feeling better I have tagged you.

Love and Hugs,

Tammy said...

It actually warmed up to
45ยบ here was a welcome relief!

Sorry to hear that your Hubby is stuck but I guess it is safer to stop as to plow on like I see so many trucks do.

I hope you get to feeling better, good luck on asking for a hysterectomy as they just do do them like they used to. They'll try every kind of alternative first and then it will have to be an extreme situations. Or that has been my experience anyhow.

Have a great evening!

Chrissie said...

I know exactly how you feel! Ugh! I'm continuing to pray for your family! God bless your day - and give you strength! :)
Take care, dear friend!

Diane J. said...

Sorry you're not feeling up to snuff, Karen. I'll be praying for you and for your hubby. I highly recommend that surgery if you can get it done.

I'm batching it this week with Lamar gone, so I don't know what I'm having for supper. I may fix me some homemade jo jo's with ranch dressing. That sounds good!

Hope you're feeling better by now. Take care of yourself, Karen.

Love and hugs,


Denise said...

I will be lifting your husband, and uncle up in my prayers. I pray that you will feel much better very soon my friend, love you.

Dawn said...

We were in the 50s today, not far from where you hubby was trying to get through. Strange.

My DIL has the same kind of problems you do every month and has had so many tests done. She hasn't had any kids yet, but was hoping that might help. Sounds like it didn't help you, eh? Yuck!

Mary Isabella said...

I am so sorry to hear that they were caught in the storm and the road was closed. I hope you will feelbetter real soon...Mary

Renie Burghardt said...
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Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I'm sorry I missed you this morning. I was out of here early and got back late and had to catch up with chores and writing, and well, here I am, finally.

It's funny, because we did get into the mid-50s yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny day, too. We also had the freezing fog early. I saw it all driving to church and was sorry I didn't have my camera with me. The trees looked magical! Today was overcast, but mid-50s again.

I am sorry you're not feeling well. It's been a while since I had those monthly pains, thank the Lord. But I surely do symphatize with you.

Prayers have been said for your DH and Uncle, dear, Karen. I'm sure they made it to their destination safely. Truckers do have to contend with all kinds of weather, don't they? But they usually love their job, and wouldn't want to do anything else.

Looking forward to your family pictures. Enjoy your girls, and have a very blessed evening.

Love and Hugs,


Blogger is playing tricks on me today! Sheesh! Sorry about that Karen.

Sally said...

I hope you're feeling better this evening, Karen. I remember those days well although it's been a very long time. I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 29, not by choice though.

My prayers continue for your hubby and uncle that they remain safe. I know the worry about that also; I used to have friends who drove the big wheels.

Take care, and God Bless.

Denise said...

I am sorry that you are having a time with that..... and I will pray for the insurance and for healing.... I had a hysteectomy in 1992...... was the best thing I have ever done.... anyway... I am always praying for your DH out on the road... you young ladies with families and husbands that work away from home are always in my prayers...... You take care and always remember HOUSE WORK WILL BE THERE TOMORROW........ take it easy and allow yourself time..


Betty said...

Sending up prayers that your DH and his uncle will be kept safe on the road. It can be very dangerous especially on icy roads, so I pray that God will keep them safe and free from harm.

I'm sorry you are not feeling well, Karen. I hope have felt bettr today and that you will have an even better tomorrow.

Mississippi Songbird said...

You and your family have my prayers. I hope you start feeling better. Have a blessed Tuesday!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Karen! I am visiting late tonite!! My 13 y/o DS lives on bologna, hotdogs and pizza rolls!! LOL I remember being able to eat like that too back in the day!

Sorry you feel so miserable...I feel kinda yucky myself...not sick...just lazy!! LOL

Your family is always in my prayers!

dabrah said...

Hi Karen
Just to let you know, I'm working on the me-me that you tagged me for. Almost done, and when it is I'll post it on my blog and let you know.
I hope your husband got his load to where he was going without too much of a delay. I'm sure you miss him a lot.

Mimi said...

I continue praying for your DH and his uncle as they travel through all the rough weather on their runs...
I am sorry to hear that you are still having cramping problems...
you are such an encourager that i would like to say to you..
Be encouraged...