Friday, December 14, 2007


Good Friday Mornin' Yall,

I do hope that everyone had a great Thursday and ready to start a new day. It is 33 degrees here with a windchill of 28 degrees. Yesterday was a very chilly day and when I took the girls to school around 7:30a.m. I thought the Sun was going to shine. It did for a little bit and then it clouded up again and stayed cloudy all day. We are suppose to see the Sun today, but we will see. I know clouds are to be moving in late tonight with a rain/snow mix for tomorrow. I still think we will see mostly rain here in our area with a snowflake mixed in here and there. But you know, weather is constantly changing.

First off this morning, I would like to "THANK" Mary of Mary's Writing Nook for presenting me with a "Beautiful Blogger Award". "THANK YOU SO MUCH MARY". Mary is such a wonderful and caring person. If you have never been to visit Mary, please be sure to go and visit her. She is a great writer and I enjoy reading her writings. Mary lives in Canada and I have only known Mary for a short while, but she has become a great friend to me. "THANK YOU" again Mary for such a Beautiful Award.

Well, today is Show & Tell Friday. I did one a while back. Kelli at There Is No Place Like Home is hosting this week. The time that I did do a Show & Tell Friday I showed a picture. I know it wasn't your normal Show & Tell Friday. Well, this week I am going to do the same, because I feel it is something special to me. This is a picture from last Sunday when we went

Osceola, AR to my Great-Aunt's 98th Birthday Party. It is our girls Great, Great-Aunt. I love the picture because to me, it is something that I will cherish as long as I'm alive. It is also something our girls can look back on when they are older. The man in the back there, is of my Dad. I know, I know, your probably saying that I'm suppose to be showing something other than a picture, but to me this is just no picture. I am a very family-oriented person and I believe that family is very important to not only me, but for everyone else. When I can, I am going to have a copy of this picture made and give it to each of our girls and that way they will have it and can show their kids someday. Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed my Show & Tell Friday. I am proud to say that I still have a Great-Aunt that is still living at the young age of 98 and still has a pretty good mind. I know this is a little late and she doesn't have a computer, but "HAPPY 98th BIRTHDAY AUNT OLA, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH"!!!!

I have 2 Christmas Parties to go to this afternoon. The girls are having their Christmas Parties at School this afternoon at 2:15p.m. I have to go and get 2 girls gifts for no more than $5.00 and take there also. We have a Dollar General Store here in our town, and they have some really nice stuff there. I will go there and get a couple of girls presents. I think the girls will get out of School for Christmas Break sometime next Wednesday. No note has been sent home yet, but they have told me that is when they will get out. They will also be having all kinds of goodies to eat at their parties as well.

I would also like to mention that Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage is having a Giveaway for doing her 100th Post. "CONGRATULATIONS AMY" on your 100th Post. All you have to do is leave Amy a comment and tell her your favorite Christmas Tradition. You have until Sunday to enter. She will announce the winner on Monday, December 17th. I have a picture of some of the things she will be giving away. She has some beautiful things as you can see below. So, please go over and visit Amy and enter for a chance to win this great Giveaway.The last couple of days I haven't been feeling too well. I have been just chilled to the bone. Usually when I'm here in the house and not going anywhere, I usually wear shorts and a T-Shirt. I am normally a hot-natured person. I had to put on my flannel pajama's and have been wearing them. Yesterday morning I had to put on some socks. I don't usually wear socks unless I go out, but my feet were just cold yesterday. I also have a fan that sits on a table by my bed that I run year round. I had to turn it off the other day and I couldn't run it because I was so cold. I did wake up yesterday morning around 1:45a.m. and went to the bathroom and turned it on when I layed back down. But when I got up at 4:30a.m., I turned it back off. Anyway, I sure hope I'm not coming down with something. Hubby felt this way on Monday. He just couldn't get warm. You may remember me telling yall that he didn't go out on the truck Monday because he was feeling bad. He felt better on Tuesday and was able to go out. I have had my heat up on almost 80 degrees. I know my Gas Bill is going to be high, but one has to do what one has to day to stay warm.

Well, I guess I'll go do a little visiting. I have lots to do today. The girls are staying all night with my Sister tonight. I am hoping hubby will be home later today. My oldest daughter didn't have her regular Basketball practice last night. They are suppose to have a game in Armorel, AR on Saturday. The schedule doesn't say what time. Maybe she will bring home a note from school today letting me know if she will have it or not and what time it will be. I just hope the weather co-operates and the roads doesn't get slick if we have to go to Armorel, AR. Well, yall take care and have a great Friday. May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



Nunnie's Attic said...

Good morning Karen!
I sure hope you're not coming down with something. I can't imagine walking around in shorts and a T-shirt right now. I have on sweat pants and a sweatshirt every day, socks and slippers. And I still get cold.

Have fun at your parties today and be careful. It warmed up yesterday around here so the ice we were starting to get melted. But we're now in a flood watch and tomorrow it's supposed to snow again. Crazy weather!


Leeann said...

Good morning, Karen! I see you're up and about, too. I love the morning because everything looks so new and pretty to me. I do hope you start feeling better as the day progresses and you can enjoy your parties today. Also, I do hope your hubby makes it home so you can enjoy a nice Friday night together.
I'm waiting for a call from my son to get an update on the babies. We want to go back to see them tomorrow and hope they can be held. That's what I'm waiting for! My daughter-in-law's family will all be there so there may be a line out the door to see the girls!
Have a wonderful weekend and feel better!

Lib said...

Hi Miz.Karen,
I Love you show and tell.What a Treasure you have there.
Congratulations on your award.
I hope you're not coming down with something.
Hope your Hubs makes it home safe.
I'll watch your weather tomorrow as we are suppose to get the same Sun. so don't you be sendiing me any nasty
Have fun at the party.
Blessins', Lib

Hootin' Anni said...

What a lovely, lovely post today Karen! Hope you're not coming down with something like the flu or catching cold.

And your award from Mary is tops!! I love it. You're very deserving.

The two parties in one day?!! Wow, how fun.

And last but not least....your Great Aunt!! How wonderful. I bet the gathering for her birthday was awesome. Love the photo, and like you say ---it's MORE than a photo.

Sandy said...

I used to walk around in shorts in the winter, too...getting too old for that LOL

Shari said...

I hope you feel better soon. During the summer, when we have the central air on, I get cold so easily. I'll wear a sweatshirt in the house and take it off before I go outside. Hubby likes to turn the fan on upstairs (the CA doesn't work so well on the second floor) in our bedroom during the summer months...I wake up cold and stuffy. I can't handle a lot of "cold air" blowing around. I guess I am just the opposite. I do admit that the central air is much nicer than without it, though. It gets really hot.

I have to find an ornament for about $5, too. :)

God bless. :)

Mary said...


Today you are a party girl. Have lots of fun.

Like Anni, I love today's post. The photo of your family is precious and something to be treasured. It certainly is a good show and tell.

I was chilled like that about a month ago. It's not a nice feeling and hope you're feeling better for your parties today.

Take care and keep warm.

Brenda said...

Happy Friday Miz Karen! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Karen! I am so sorry you arent feeling well! That is one thing I dont like about this time of year, all the illnesses!

Thank you so much for putting my drawing on here! You are so sweet!

Hope you feel better soon!

Shelley said...

Hi Karen, hope you are feeling better ! Have fun at your girls Christmas parties. I loved going to my kids parties when they were in Elem. School. The grandkids are having parties these days ,but I can't go to one if I don't go to all. I have five grandkids in school now. Well, one is in daycare, but its like a pre-k. Thank you so much for visiting my Mom ! She hasn't learned alot about leaving comments, etc. and thats probally why she hasn't left you a comment yet. I have been posting for her and when I go for a visit at her house I have been teaching her a little about the blogging world. She will catch on soon enough and be chatting with all of you. Hope you have a super fun day with your girls !


Dawn said...

Happy birthday to your sweet aunt!

I hope you get warmed up - I was really hot yesterday when we were at the Farmer's Market picking up souvenirs for everyone. Strange feeling in December! We have to go home and shovel our way into the garage.

Sweet Karen, go back and read the paragraph about the Hawaiian Graffiti!

bj said...

Sure hope you feel better as the day goes on. Sometimes, when it's really cold, I just climb back into bed!
I am washing today and making more candy....
hugs, bj

Joyce said...

Hi Karen, I love my family to and love looking at pictures. I am glad you have one to keep of your great aunt. In our family we have the keeper of family pictures and my sister is it for our us. Some days like today I wish I had I had control of them and see family members who are no longer with us. What I do to get warmed up is to cover up in a sleeping bag. Take care and have fun at the parties.

Betty said...

Hi Karen,

I love the picture and don't blame you for wanting to show it off. Your great aunt has certainly lived a long life. What a blessing.

I'm sorry you're not feel well today, but I hope you enjoy the Christmas parties in spite of it. said...

This is so special your picture of your Aunt and when your girls are older they will just love it!!
I hope you are feeling better and have warmed up! We are to get snow today!! But not ice!! Hugs. Grams

Chrissie said...

Wow! Your Aunt is one special lady! What a blessing! God bless the girls as they go to their parties - how fun!
brrr...when I can't get warm, I put my feet in hottish water, and then put them in the warmest things I own, then drink a hot drink and put on all my warmies, wrap myself in a warm blanket, and cuddle down on the couch with my dogs, and read a book, or watch a good movie in front of the heater, till I can move around again. I don't function well when I get too cold! God bless you and your family!

PEA said...

Good afternoon dear Karen:-)

I'm so sorry I didn't drop by yesterday, I really had no time at all to spend on the computer during the day or evening. This afternoon I'm determined to get caught up with everyone:-)

I loved your Show & Tell...not too many of us can say we have a Great Aunt still living! That picture is indeed very precious. Happy 98th Birthday to your dear great aunt Ola:-)

It's been sunny all day here but very's only 6F right now but it was -2F earlier! I had to go out and run some errands earlier plus I went for a coffee with June and now I'm having a hard time warming up!! lol

You lucky gal, two Christmas parties to go to at the school today:-) I use to love going to those when my boys were that age and I so do miss it!! If I lived near you I'd be going with you! hehe

Congratulations on the award Mary gave you...she is indeed a beautiful person and I'm hoping to meet her in person next summer:-)

I hope you feel better real soon my friend!! No fun being sick this time of year but then that's when everyone seems to get colds and flu! Love ya! xoxo

Hope said...

Hello Karen,
Thank you for today's weather report!! :) I hope you know I'm just teasing you about being the new weather girl. I love your newsy blog and so enjoy visiting with you each day. I feel so at home here with you and know we could be really good friends in real life! lol
You are right about family being important. Happy Birthday to Aunt Ola!! I'm into geneology and I'm just fascinated with any info I find on my ancestors. I try to pass this on to my children and grandchildren and hope they will keep passing it forward.
Please take care of yourself and don't be getting sick! Maybe you could drink some hot teas or something to warm from the inside. Too much heat is bad for you too...breeds germs!
Enjoy your parties today.

Angela said...

Hi Karen,

I love your show & tell for today. One of our greatest treasures is our family. The photo is so nice and for the girls to be in it with their great-great aunt. WOW....I am so glad that you still have her with you and your daughter's will know her.

I'm sure that you enjoyed the school parties is so wonderful to share in special times with our children as they are growing up.They will always remember you going to school and spending time with them.

Please take care of yourself Karen....we don't want you getting sick this close to the holiday's.

Congratulations on your are so deserving of this award. You are a Beautiful Blogger, Karen!

My shopping trip was very enjoyable for me today. I completed most of my shopping today maybe one more short trip will complete everything for the holiday's. Again today, I met some Angels Unaware that were so nice and helpful. God has his hand on me always.

Have a great weekend filled with lots of love, family, laughter and good health for everyone!

ancient one said...

I think your picture was perfect for Show and Tell! You have a treasure there!

Hope you feel better!! I have this wonderful quilt that I get under all snuggled on the couch when I'm feeling cold like that and in no time I'm warming up!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Karen...sorry I'm late!! I LOVE the fact that your sweet aunt is 98..God Bless her!!!

Also...I am always in my flannel pj's or sweats when I am home...much to my Hubby's dismay!! I like to be comfy!!
Our weather was kinda mild snow in the forecast yet. We are going to finish up all the shopping this weekend and all I have to do is start my baking!
Have a great weekend!

bj said...

good morning, karen girl, i hope you aren't sick today...i know you didn't feel very well yesterday.
stay warm, eat chicken soup, rest, eat candy, read, eat a are bound to feel better after all that!
hugs, bj

Hootin' Anni said...

I have something for you on my Sunday blog...drop by when you can.

Granny said...

You certainly have been busy. Tis the season for it.

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Karen! I hope you are feeling ok now and not coming down with anything! Try to get some rest over the weekend sweetie. Love the photo of your aunt, dad, and daughters!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

bj said...

Just checking in, my friend, to see how you are doing. I do hope you aren't sick!
Tomorrow (Monday) is BooMama's tour of homes...hope you can be here for it all.
hugs, bj

Nan said...

Hi there. You OK?
Our modem died on the computer and I've been down for 30hours. Finally got it fixed tonight.

Nan said...

I was about ready to drag my laptop to Starbucks for an internet connection! Serious withdrawal going on the last day.
Re: the job. I will be in charge of corporate planning for a manufacturing company.
Thanks for asking.

Nan said...

I forgot to say that my header pic was from about a week or so ago. We got more snow than that Saturday night.

Grandy said...

Hope you are feeling better, Karen, and that your hubby made it home in time for some quiet time for the both of you. :)