Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Good Wednesday Mornin' Yall,

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. It is time to start a new day. It is a chilly 37 degrees this morning as I am typing this. We have a slim chance of a shower later on today. I mentioned the other day about our local weather man talking about the "ICE" word. Well, last night he took it out and we are just suppose to get rain again. I'll take rain and snow anyday over ICE. But who knows, things can always change around here. We really never know what to expect of the weather here in Arkansas.

My dear friend mailto:Pea@Pea is having a Chocolate Contest. She made some homemade Chocolates last week and they look sooooo good. The contest starts today and she will announce the winner on December 3. Yall go on over and visit Miss Pea and try to guess the number in the jar. GOOD LUCK to all who enter. Pea is always baking or doing something. Her blog is so festive as well. It makes you want to be there with her.

Okay, Blogger is being a booger with me this morning. I don't know what this post is going to look like by the time I'm through. Just bare with me yall.

Also, my good friend, Carolyn of TalktoGrams has awarded me with not 1 but 2 awards. They are the: It's a Major Award and Blog Buddies Award. "THANK YOU" so much Grams for these 2 awards. I am honored that you gave them to me. If yall have never been to visit Grams, go over and visit her. She is such a sweetheart. Now, I am going to pass these awards on to ALL of my Blogging Friends. Please feel free to take 1 or both. You are welcome to them. Be sure to pass them on as well. I just love all of my blogging friends. Everyone is so nice. We are all like one happy family out here in blogland.

Well, we had the other basketball game last night. Yeap, pretty much like I thought it would be. We lost to Luxora, AR 21-28. But at least they didn't beat us bad like they have everyone else. They had to work hard to win this game. Yall, it was just an awful game. We were winning the game up until the last quarter. Having biased referrees doesn't help either. I do believe that is how Luxora wins their home games. They mad some very bad calls. They even fouled 2 of our girls out. Then, they gave our coach a technical. Now let me tell yall, our coach is a sweet guy. He has never in the 4 years of coaching these girls gotten a technical. He doesn't even get loud or yell at our girls like most coaches do. One of our girls had the ball and the referree said she walked. Everyone watching knew she didn't. Well, our coach was just questioning the referree's call and he wasn't violent or anthing. I couldn't even hear our coach talking. Next thing you know, the referree calls a technical on our coach. But the girl that got the 2 free shots didn't make them. It was just a bad game. One of their girls was even holding one of our girls why she had the ball around the waist. I mean it was so obvious and the referree didn't even call a foul on that. But our girls did play a good game and gave Luxora a run for the money. Even tho our girls lost, they still won. GO REBELS!!!! This was some kind of tournament that I had spoke of that they were playing for United Way. Our team did get a trophy for playing such a good ball game. That's okay tho, Luxora has yet to step foot on our grounds. LOL. I'm sorry that wasn't nice, but hey, we do have some good referrees here. They do make fair calls. They may not see everything, but they do make fair call. Anyway, we won't have to go back tonight. We don't have another game until Saturday. We have 2 games that day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Hubby had a bad day yesterday, again. He sat down at Shreveport for 5 hours before they unloaded him. He was the only one there and they still wouldn't unload him. So hubby calls the brokerage company and they said we will see what we can do. To make a long story short, this sitting 5 hours cost hubby from getting another load. He doesn't get detention pay either. He finally gets another load assignment around 2:30p.m. He has to to about 200 miles over to Mermemtau, Louisiana. I have no clue how to pronounce that. LOL. Well he gets there and they tell him he has to go over to Crowley, Louisiana. Hubby calls the brokerage company again and they tell him he is suppose to be at Mermemtau. Well, hubby decides to stay at Crowley. He was there last night when he called me to let me know what time to call him this morning to wake him up. Hopefully he will get loaded there this morning. The load has to go to Montgomery, Alabama. He was so frustrated. He did tell me that after the first of the year he is going to start team driving with a friend of his here in town. Hubby said he is tired of all of this crap(pardon my french there) but things like this happens to him every week. Yall keep praying for my hubby. I appreciate all the prayers that have already been prayed for him.

On another note, I would like to ask prayers for Miss Emmy. Many of yall know Miss Emmy as Diane of Diane's Place' grandaughter. I was visiting Cecil this morning and she said Miss Emmy is sick. Jessica took Miss Emmy to the doctor and said it was a virus and would just have to run it's course. So, now I ask that yall help me take Miss Emmy to the "GREAT PHYSICIAN". I know those prayers will be very much appreciated.

I have a 12 Questions of Christmas Meme to do. I am still figuring out how to do it. If I get it right, I will post it later. Yall know I ain't computer literate here. LOL. Mary of Mary's Writing Nook asked her readers to do it if they wanted to. This will be my first Meme, so if yall have any contributions as to helping me get it on my blog, I would really appreciate it. I may just have to get my INTERIOR BLOGGING DECORATOR to do it for me. LOL. But, I will take any help I can get.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I'm drinking coffee and have been visiting before I posted. Think I will go knock on some more doors. "IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP FOLK'S". LOL. Yall take care and have a great Wednesday and May God Bless Each and Everyone of You.



T*mmy said...

Thanks for the awards my friend, Grams had also awarded! What I've done is put all of my awards on a post and added it to my side bar and told everyone to help themselves to one or!
I'll try to get by later and read all of your post!
Thanks again!

kansasrose said...

Thanks for these sweet awards. This is so nice of you Karen, I will return later to try to post them to my sidebar. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is a booger. lol. Got to go do my farm chores. Love, Jen

Nunnie's Attic said...

Aw, thank you Karen. Hope your husband has a better day today!


bj said...

Oh, thanks sooo much for the awards to all of us. I will list them on my blog as soon as I get home from shopping this afternoon with my beautiful daughter.
Prayers and thoughts to your hubby..hope his day is better today.
I sometimes have the same trouble posting...the big spaces in between the paragraphs. Sometimes when I am viewing it, before actually putting them on my blog, I can use my backspace key and get rid of all the "nothing" spaces. You might try it and I hope it works for you!
Have a really good day,

Nan said...

Thanks for the awards. Sorry that blogger is causing problems for you today. It definitely is a learning experience getting around in it.
Have a great day!

PEA said...

Good morning dear Karen:-)

So it was you knocking on my door to wake me up! hehe I was up around 4 this morning for about an hour..woke up freezing and no wonder, our power had gone out, the whole neighbourhood was affected. Being only 3F outside, it sure got cold inside the house after a few hours of having no power! The power came back on for a few minutes in which time I posted my contest and then it went out again...good timing! lol I then crawled back under my blankets and didn't wake up until 9:30!!!

I so dislike unfairness and I would have had a hard time with the referee being so biased with his calls at your daughter's basketball game last night. I would have stood up in the bleachers and yelled out "REFEREE GETS A TECHNICAL"!!!! hehe

Oh dear, your poor hubby sure has been having some rotten days on the's certainly not a life and my prayers continue for him!

On no, I didn't know that little Emmy was sick again, I will go visit Diane and Cecil next! The poor little sweetheart...I just hate it when babies are ill:-(

Karen, can you email me your home address? I need it for when I send out my Christmas cards:-)

Thank you so much for announcing my Chocolate Contest...I hope everyone has as much fun with it as I am:-) Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful day my friend. xoxo

PEA said...

Oops, me again...forgot to thank you so very much for the two awards:-) You are such a wonderful friend and I will proudly add these awards to my sidebar. Thank you!! xoxo

Diane J. said...

Good morning, Karen. Thanks for your prayers and your prayer request for Miss Emmy. She's about the same today, thankfully not any worse.

I haven't tried to post yet, but I dread it already. My Bloglines is down and I can't access my list of blogs I visit, so that's messed up, and now you're telling me Blogger is being a twit today. Bummer.

Thank you for the awards! I think I'm going to postdate an old post and make it my awards page so I can list all my awards buttons there. Then I'll just make a button to put in my sidebar linking to the awards post. If I post all my awards and buttons on my sidebar it will take it forever to load my blog page and make my sidebar too long.

Sure, if you need help with your Christmas meme just let me know. I'll see what I can do. I think you can do it, though.

Now I'm going to see if I can visit a few more blogs, then try to post if Blogger will cooperate.

Have a good day, Karen! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Shari said...

Karen-Thank you for the awards. I will put them in my sidebar when I have time and I will ask all my blog friends to take one or two like you did. It is always so hard when you have to choose which one to award it to.

I remember how my ex would be with all the downtime, waiting for loads to be unloaded/loaded, and all. I think he has a regular run to New Jersey now. He always liked trucking for the "independence" of it. He is an owner-operator, but the cost of diesel is bad for him. (We still get along okay for Jennee. :) )

Sorry to hear about that "fixed" game. Sounds fishy.

Take care. Gotta do some more visiting. Hmmm, how many candies are in that jar... :)

Angela said...

Karen, thank you for the sweet awards. It is such a blessing having you as one of my blogging buddies. You are such a blessing to so many.

We will keep praying for hubby's new job. I'm sorry that he is having all of the problems with his loads.

May you have a restful night, sweet Karen!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Thanks for the awards. glad to hear that ya'll won't be getting ice. Sorry to hear about your hubby's troubles. Gosh, I can remember going through some of that same stuff and my dad going through it at well. I hope that he does start team driving that will ease your mind some. Sorry to hear about the game and how some of the players played. I hope that you and yours have a blessed day.