Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Good Tuesday Morning Yall,
I hope everyone had a great Monday. We got a Thunderstorm here yesterday evening around 5:00p.m. The kids were out front and it was cloudy and lightening to the North of us. Then, hubby called to let me know that he was leaving Monette to come home because it was raining bigtime there and they couldn't unload him since it was raining. I told him it wasn't raining here in Caraway yet, but when he got here if it was, to call me and I would come pick him up. I started watching the cloud and it started getting darker and the lightening was ferocious. It was ground to ground lightening. I shut everything off and told the girls to lets go and wait for their daddy because I didn't want him to walk home with it lightening that bad. Where he parks his truck is just across the highway from us, but still, I didn't want him to get struck by lightening. While we were up there waiting on him to come into town, it started raining. And boy, did it rain. He got soaking wet from getting out of his truck to getting in our vehicle. We came back to the house and had supper. I had fixed some steak and cheese quesadias (from a box), fish sticks, and tater babies. I had to fix a quick supper because our oldest daughter had a ball game last night.
Now, about her ballgame. They played BIC (Monette & Leachville consolidated). Now these are 6th grade girls. Still called a Pee-Wee team. Well, the game started out okay. At half-time were were ahead. Well, come the last part of the 3rd quarter, BIC girls started getting ugly. One of their girls, kicked one of our girls. The referee saw it and kicked the girl out of the game. We were still winning. Time for the 4th quarter. It was the last 3 minutes of the quarter. In Pee-Wee Basketball, the 6th graders play 6 minutes in each quarter. Well, wouldn't you know it, BIC had a girl to hit one of our girls on the back of the head. The referee saw it also and kicked that girl out of the game. Our girl that got hit, got 2-Free Shots and made them both! Then, the referee went over and talked to the BIC Coach and then called both teams together out on the court. My daughter told me after we got home that the referee told them that if he saw anymore BIC girls hitting or kicking he was going to call the game. He told our girls that he didn't want to see them doing any of this. So, the last 3 minutes of the game was more calm. We ended up winning 26-14. I almost thought that I was at a Professional Men's Basketball game for a while. In all the 4 years my daughter has been playing Pee-Wee Basketball, this was the first time that I had seen anything like this. We have played this team for the last 3 years and beat them the last 2 years, and still never seen anything like it. It definetly showed some bad Sportsmanship for this team this year. We still have to play them on December 20 at Monette. I am afraid it's going to be war there. I hope not. After the game the BIC girls went back to their designated locker room, and when we got ready to leave, they were still back there. I'm hoping their coach was getting on to them for acting that way last night. I don't know, because by watching how the coach acts during the game himself, I wonder if he didn't put those girls up to doing that. Anyway, it was an intense and good game. GO REBELS!!!!! Okay enough on that. I was really wired up when we got home last night. By the way, hubby got to go to the game also. He doesn't get to see all of her games like I do, but when he is at home, he goes to them.
I think I am going to cook some white beans with some kind of meat in them for our supper tonight. I may either make potato salad or homemade creamed potatoes to go with it and of course, cornbread. Hubby will be home again tonight. I don't know about tomorrow night tho. It depends if his boss has anymore fertilizer for him to haul. I do hope he gets to come home every night this week, but if he doesn't and has to leave out tomorrow, he will be home either Friday night or Saturday morning for the weekend.
Well, guess I'll go for now. Just thought I would post again. I'm going to try and start posting everyday. I don't know tho because nothing really exciting ever happens around here. Who know's, we will wait and see. Yall take care and have a great Tuesday. God Bless each and everyone of you.

Karen H.


Diane J. said...

Hi, Karen. Glad you seem to be feeling better.

It blew like crazy and rained about 10 or 15 minutes, but that's all it did here. No lightning or thunder at all. It's a lot cooler today, though. I love it!

My sister Cecil is in Jonesboro looking for a new car right now. She and my sister Sue are supposed to come get me after Cecil gets done and we're going somewhere to eat. Don't know where yet...

Have a great Tuesday!



T*mmy said...

That storm sounded pretty bad...I'm glad ya'll are safe and sound and got to enjoy a basketball step dad in KY is a middle school basketball coach and he had a run-in with another coach the other day for him letting his boys jeer and snarl at everybody...just not being nice in general, but the coach is like that and the boys are probably following his lead...I'll be glad when Dad can retire, which will be soon!

I love me some white beans and cornbread :)

Heather's Brain said...

my son starts BBall today...believe it or not, I AM EXCITED TOO!!!

I can not wait to see how the season goes.

PEA said...

Hello dearest Karen:-) I've just caught up on all your feels so good to be back! Congratulations to your daughter and her team for winning the game...isn't it awful, though, how some team players can act! I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's the coach telling them to do those things, hoping the referee won't notice. Ugh! Sounds like a bad storm you had over's been snowing on and off here all afternoon, nothing that's staying on the ground but it sure is cold! You were mentioning wanting web sites that have free backgrounds...I'll email you my favourite sites a bit later tonight ok? Love ya! xoxo