Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Good Tuesday Afternoon Yall,

I'm a little late in posting today, but hey, as long as I post huh? We got some more rain early this morning around 4:30a.m. It wasn't raining when hubby left for work or when I took the kids to school this morning. After I got back to the house I was eating me a bowl of cereal and visiting blogland and it clouded up and started raining again. It went to lightening really bad too. Cloud to ground lightening. I had to shut everything off. Well, it appeared to be clearing up some, so I turned my computer back on. Well wouldn't you know it, it started lightening again and raining. So, I shut the computer off again. Hubby called me about 9:45a.m and wanted me to come pick him up where he parks his truck. He had got loaded in the rain at Caruthersville, MO and he got soaking wet. They couldn't unload him at Monette, AR because it was raining there. So, he came home for a while. We layed back down and got us another nap. Something about a rain wants to make you sleep. We finally got up about 12:30p.m. It wasn't raining, but it was cloudy. He left to take that load of fertilizer to Monette. I don't know if he will get anymore loads today or not. I do believe there is a 50% chance of rain for tomorrow also. Anyway, since it isn't lightening or anything, I thought I would post. I do hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

My daughter's team won their ballgame last night. Barely tho. They beat Manila, AR 20 to 19. It was a very close game. But, at least there was no craziness like there was at the game last week. I thought I was going to have to go out the last quarter because it was so close. I just couln't stand it. My nerves were on edge and I was all jittery on the inside. But, they did win. GO REBELS!!!! They have another game here tonight against Armorel, AR. That is over by Blytheville, AR. My youngest daughter done pretty good last night cheerleading. There are only 4 Pee-Wee Cheerleaders this year. Hubby took pictures of her in her cheerleading suit as well as my daughter in her basketball suit. I am putting their pictures on here for you. The one on the left is our youngest daughter Alyssa, and the one on the right is our oldest daughter Ashley. They are very precious to me and hubby. They are both a true gift from GOD. After basketball season is over with, they have thier pictures made by a professional photographer. It will be sometimes next year before school is out. I will put their pictures on here again when that happens. These pictures hubby took from my cell phone again. I think they turned out pretty good.

I have to tell yall something. Yall need to go visit Tammy over at my "My Little Retreat". She has an intersting story on Barbie. Take my word, it made my day. Also, yesterday afternoon before the girls came home from school, I was visiting in blogland and I was over at Barb's, A Chelsea Morning. She had 2 different post's. I was reading her post about the train ride when she went to see her mother. Under that post, she was talking about her 30 day Friendship Cake. Well, I was commenting and typing under the train ride section, but somehow, it ended up in the Fruitcake section. LOL. Here is what Barb told me back: You made me laugh, Karen. I knew your comment about my glorious train trip landed in the middle of my friendship cake. LOLYou made me laugh, Karen. I knew your comment about my glorious train trip landed in the middle of my friendship cake. LOL. Here is what Barb told me back: You made me laugh, Karen. I knew your comment about my glorious train trip landed in the middle of my Friendship Cake. LOL. It was so funny yall. I don't know what happened, but it got put on her Friendship Cake comment section. Things like this just lifts me up. Anyway, I thought I would share this with yall.

I just want to let all my blogging friends know that I do appreciate each and every post. You all inspire me from day to day. I look forward to reading your post's and leaving comments. It is so nice to be able to be on the internet with Christian Women. I am very lucky to have come upon blogging. Thank each and everyone of you that leave comments and all.

I did 2 loads of laundry this morning. Seems like I do laundry every other day. I fixed the kids some chicken nuggets yesterday afternoon for their supper and heated the Hubby Hobo Stew up for me and hubby. We had alot left. We will be having some more tonight. We will probably finish it up tomorrow night and then I will have to start over on something new. I don't know what it will be just yet. I have to be out at the gym tonight around 5:30p.m. I have to work in the concession stand during the 5th grade game. Parents of basketball players and cheerleaders are supposed to work 2 games during the homegames. This will be my second time. I still have to work 2 more games since my youngest daughter is cheerleading. I will do that when the boys start their season in a couple of weeks.

Well, guess I'll go for now. I need to do some more visiting and catching up. I may have missed something. LOL. Yall take care and have a great Tuesday and God Bless Each and Everyone of You.

Hugs to all,


Granny said...

I just linked back to Tammy's post. It was to funny to keep to myself.

Your weather made the news this morning on CNN. I heard Jonesboro and started listening. Glad you're okay.

Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the pics. I'm updating my blogroll right now so you should be there shortly.

Anonymous said...

I hate scary thunder and lightning. My daughter's house was hit a few years ago - nothing too bad but it did fry a TV.

I remember the days of having to work concession stands when my girls were playing softball. Glad those days are long gone.

Have a fun time tonight!

Cecil said...

Karen.. It rained here this am, too. I had to go run errands before I went in to work this afternoon..but it didn't rain much more here. We had some lightning, too. I finally got all my paperwork done on my car...thank goodness! And to answer your question, McAllister's is behind Dixie Cafe.. their iced tea is the best! Have a good day tomorrow.. God Bless you, too... Cecil

Susie said...

That weather sounds frightful!
Cute pictures of your girls. They do grow up so fast :)

Greeneyes said...

Hello karen ,

I hope your doing well and your weather has cleared , you certainly have some pretty girls , they must keep you on the run with all their activities after school .
Sleepin in till afternoon , lucky you ! and with Hubby to cuddle , sounds like a plan, rain and nap yep , sounds good .
Your Hubbys Hobo stew looks so good , makes me hungry,I must go now and feed the beast that lives within my tummy HAHA .
Hope you have a great day and nice gettin to know you , take care .


T*mmy said...

Hey Miz Karen, your little Rebel's are dolls!
If you would stop by my place today to collect your award!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Karen, what beautiful girls you have. Yes, right now they keep you on the go, enjoy it, for they grow up way too soon. I wish you would come to Aberdeen with your parents, it would be a joy to meet you and your family. Maybe one day, when you come down here we can get together and sit , drink ice tea and laugh. Hope the weather has improved for ya'll, this morning we are having storms and they say some of them could be severe. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

PEA said...

Good morning dear Karen:-) I didn't have a chance to drop in yesterday so I'm playing catch up this morning...and you're probably working on a new post for today as I type! lol I do hope your weather has settled down...we had a lovely sunny day yesterday but today it's very overcast and we're supposed to get rain.

Yeahhhhh Rebels!! Congrats to them for winning the game the other night...I'd be a nervous wreck too if I had to watch a game with the score so close like that!! Glad to hear your cheerleader did so well too:-) Loved the pictures, your girls look like real sweethearts:-)

I'm so happy that you're enjoying blogging so much! I've been blogging for over a year now and it's completely changed my life...I never feel alone anymore:-) What happened to you in Barb's comments just goes to show the fun things that happen! hehe

Hope you have a simply wonderful day today!! Love you! xoxo

Dawn said...

So you have to tell us what your middle name is that you don't like!

As you may notice, I only blog about 3 times a week - too much pressure for every day! Blogging is probably the most fun thing I've done in a long time. So many wonderful new friends and good fellowship. I"ve actually been privileged to meet 3 of my blog friends, and that has been so wonderful - in Minnesota, Georgia, and here in Colorado.

Nan said...

Thanks for the nice welcome, Karen. Boy, this bloggin' is wearin' me out jumping around. LOL Actually, it's pretty fun so far.