Monday, November 5, 2007


Good Mornin' Yall,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a beautiful fall weekend here. It was sunshining and nice temperatures. But, it is coming to an end late tonight tho. High's only in the 50's and low's near freezing they are saying.
I would like to "THANK EVERYONE" who said prayers about my hubby getting that job at Frito-Lay. He received a letter in the mail Friday saying that they appreciated his interest but that they were considering other applicants for the job. So, he did not get the job. Keep praying that something better will turn up.
I finally got to sleep late Saturday. It was after 2:00a.m. before I went to sleep Saturday morning, but I did sleep till like 11:10a.m. Hubby got home about 12:30p.m. After he got home and I had some coffee, we went grocery shopping. After we got home, he cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs out on the grill for our supper. They sure were good. I love it when he cooks out on the grill like that for me. I am still not feeling up to par. My cold seems to be a little better, but, I have other problems now. I have alot of trouble with my monthly cycle, and I nearly have to stay in bed the first few days. Hubby and kids have leftover hamburgers and hot dogs for their lunch yesterday. I got up yesterday afternoon and did 2 loads of laundry and washed up dishes. I fixed the kids some chicken nuggets and fries. Me and hubby had some vegetable beef soup. Me and hubby went to bed a little after 5:00p.m. yesterday evening because he had to get up at 2:30a.m. and have his load in Newark, AR this morning. He will be home tonight tho. After he delivers that load to Newark, he will be hauling fertilizer from Memphis, TN to Monette, AR. Hopefully, he will get home early enough this evening to go to our oldests daughter's basketball game. Anyway, that was our weekend. He did play his guitar for me Saturday and Sunday. He plays "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" by Poison. I just love that song. He is a great guitar player. I've tried to tell him, let me make you a star, LOL, but he says he only sings for me and the girls. Sunday afternoon, we watched Comedy Central. The Blue Collar Zone was on and we love to watch Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White. My two favorites are Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. They were repeats, and hubby even has their last CD they did, but still it is funny. Hubby really loves to watch them.
I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back an hour Saturday night before they went to bed. We did. But last night, seemed like the longest night ever. I guess it was because I went to bed so early. I woke up around 10:00p.m and stayed up a little while and then I went and layed back down. I couldn't go back to sleep, so finally about 12:30a.m. I got back up. I have been up ever since. I will probably lay back down after I take the kids to school and come back and take my meds and eat me a bowl of cereal.
Well, guess I'll go for now. Think I will go visiting this early. LOL Maybe nobody will get mad at me. LOL. Take care everyone and have a great Monday.

Karen H.


Mountain Mama said...

It's so sweet that hour hubby plays and sings for you. How romantic!
Sorry you have not been feeling well and about the monthly, I want to share what my old auntie gave me when I spent a summer with her. I was just 14 and had not had such a painful monthly before but that time I was in bed crying when she came to see what was wrong. After I told her I had the cramps so bad I could barely walk, she said she had something to fix it. She brought me a steaming cup of tea and two aspirin's. The tea had something in it which I am quite sure now was whiskey. Anyhow she said to drink the tea as hot as I cold stand it, so I gulped the aspirin's down and then the tea. The pain did stop and I never, ever had bad cramps again in my whole life. I have since learned that the asprin thins the blood so everything can come loose from the wall of the uterus and pass easier. My daughter's and granddaughter's have used asprin for this purpose and have been helped, so give it a try unless of course your doctor has told you not to use it. As for the whiskey, I don't know for certain what it did, but maybe she thought it would help me sleep. It sure did that alright.
I want to mention that when you leave a comment on my blog and I click on your URL to visit your, It doesn't take me to your blog. I just get a blank page.
I do finally have you in my links.
Hope you have a great week dear,
Hugs to you too!

Greeneyes said...

Hello again,

I hope you are feeling better and I was sorry to hear your hubby didnt get the job but I am sure something just right will come soon.
You certainly are getting the hang of the blogging,and having a helpful hand like Diane certainly can help,,Diane is such a wonderful person isnt she !!I love her,wish I lived closer to her ,guess that would make me closer to you too! DOUBLE BONUS LOL!!!!
Have a wonderful day,oh and how lucky your hubby plays for you ,very romantic.

Take care


kansasrose said...

Hi Karen,

The Lord has His own Plan for your husband and I am so sorry he didn't get that job but when one door closes another door will open as my dear mother always used to say. I will keep you all in my devotions.

How beautiful that your hub plays music just for you. That is very loving and romantic. I hope you are feeling better soon..the moon times can get painful and problematic as we age. I had some very difficult cycles in my 40' 51 they seem to be easing off finally! So sorry you are suffering. Take care of yourself and make sure you don't lose too much iron and listen to your body. Supposed to get down in the 20's tonight here in Kansas. It's really dry though and we need a good toad strangler! The dust is bad. Take care dear and God Bless. Hugs, Jen

Diane J. said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well but hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. I used to have a hard time every month or more often but I had a hysterectomy in '99 and I highly recommend it, LOL! ;o)

Sorry your hubby didn't get the FL job but as Kansas Rose said, surely something good will turn up soon. My SIL Jason is still job searching too.

As far as sites to look for new blog templates, just go to Google or Yahoo search and type in "free Blogger templates" and start looking through the list. There's literally thousands of them to search through.

But, most important of all, before you start trying to change your template - SAVE A COPY OF YOUR TEMPLATE!!!! Trust me, if you happen to erase your blog or make a mistake some way, you'll be glad you did!

If you need help with how to save your template, give me a call. My hubby is in Texas and I'm here by myself, so you won't be disturbing him, LOL! ;o)

Hope your evening is a good one, but better get out another blanket and a jacket for tomorrow.

Love and hugs,


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Karen,

I, too, am sorry your husband didn't get that job, but you know the saying "when one door closes, another one opens." I pray that something better does come along soon. And I'm sorry you're still not feeling up to par. Take care of yourself, and let that sweet guitar player soothe you!

We had a beautiful day today in the mid seventies, but some cold weather moves in tomorrow. Got to pick the last of my tomatoes off the vines, though they're still green. Will be making some fried green tomatoes in the next day or two.

Get better soon and God bless!


Sista Cala said...

followed your link from the comment you left at my Beneath the Ivy wreath. Just keep experimenting w/this blog stuff and you'll be an expert in no time.